Contractor Licenses

All Town licenses are valid per calendar year (January 1st – December 31st) with fees prorated quarterly.

The application, Certificate of Liability, and copy of a contractor's license with another municipality may be emailed to To renew a license, please complete the application, provide any updated documents, and send to the above email address.




 Current Rate Per Calendar Year
  1. All Classes Registration Fee (incl. Class E)
  1. Registration

Class A: Unlimited General

Class B: Limited General

Class C: Residential

Class D: Jobbing

Class E: Electrical

Class P: Plumbing

Class M: Mechanical

Class MP: Mechanical / Plumbing











The following table includes the total license fee plus registration fee due depending on month of issue, grouped by quarter.

Contractor License ClassificationJanuary, February, MarchApril,  May, JuneJuly,  August, SeptemberOctober, November, December
Class A: Unlimited General$165.00$127.50$90.00$52.50
Class B: Limited General$115.00$90.00$65.00$40.00
Class C: Residential$90.00$71.25$52.50$33.75
Class D: Jobbing$65.00$52.50$40.00$27.50
Class E: Electrical$15.00$15.00$15.00$15.00
Class P: Plumbing$90.00$71.25$52.50$33.75
Class M: Mechanical$90.00$71.25$52.50$33.75
Class MP: Mechanical/  Plumbing$115.00$90.00$65.00$40.00