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New Trash Service


A message from Waste Management:

"Our Team at WM of Colorado has appreciated the opportunity to service your home and keep the community safe, clean and green. Your final TRASH service will take place on Monday, 2/27/23. We will be collecting the Trash carts between Monday and Friday following final pickup. We anticipate that all trash cart removals will be completed by Friday 3/3/23. Please leave your empty trash cart at the curb after service so that they are accessible when our crews arrive. If you were not able to place your empty recycle cart at the curb for removal the week of 2/20/23, please place it out with your trash cart on 2/27/23 and we will remove both at that time. Thank you again for allowing WM to provide environmental services in Lochbuie. We hope to serve you again in the future."


For further assistance and questions please reach out to Waste Management directly 303-797-1600




Please leave your recycling carts out through Thursday, February 23rd. 

A message from waste management:

"Our Team at WM of Colorado has appreciated the opportunity to service your home and keep the community safe, clean and green. While your trash service will continue through the last week of February, Your final RECYCLE service will take place on Monday, 2/20/23. We will be collecting the Recycle carts between Monday and Thursday next week. We anticipate that all removals will be completed by Thursday 2/23/23. Please leave your empty recycle cart at the curb after service so that they are accessible when our crews arrive. Thank you again for allowing WM to provide environmental services in Lochbuie. We hope to serve you again in the future." 

For further assistance and questions please reach out to Waste Management directly 303-797-1600



The Town of Lochbuie's Solid Waste Program is Changing Services. Republic Services will be the Town’s new provider, they will begin services on March 1st, 2023 .


Why the change?

The contract with Waste Management is due to end on 2/28/2023.  After completing a competitive bid process, Republic Services offered the best prices and services for our residents. Republic Services has the opportunity to give our residents access to additional services like carryout service, trash tags for overflow waste, and roll-off dumpsters. Republic Services is a national company well versed in municipal collection services.  

All Lochbuie Residents participating in the town-run solid waste and recycle collection program will receive new 95-gallon Republic Services carts. Residents will receive one (1) 95-gallon trash cart (Black Lid) and one (1) 95 gallon recycle cart (Light Blue Lid). Residents will have the option of ordering an additional trash cart and/or an additional recycle cart if your waste needs require additional capacity. Additional fees do apply.   

Beginning Monday, February 20th, distribution of the carts will begin. We anticipate completing all deliveries by Friday, February 24th Deliveries will begin with customers whose current service day is Monday. After Monday deliveries are complete, we will move onto Tuesday customers and so on. The distribution team will deliver one waste stream at a time so please be patient for the team to deliver both carts. All deliveries will be completed by Friday the 24th if not sooner.  


Final Waste Management Dates:

Last Date of Recycle Service: Feb. 20th - Recycle carts picked up this day

Last Date of Trash Service: Feb.  27th - Trash carts picked up this day

Last Day for new set-ups: Feb. 10th for service on Feb. 13th

Last Day for Bulky Scheduling: Feb. 23rd for service on Feb. 27th


Your Service Days

Starting March 1st, 2023, Lochbuie waste services will begin with Republic Services. The collection hours are between the hours of 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. There may be changes to the day you are currently receiving collection service. The Town of Lochbuie will be serviced Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Trash will be serviced weekly, recycle serviced every other week.   

Republic Services will be mailing out calendars to all Lochbuie residents showing your specific collection day, recycle collection week and Republic Services Observed Holidays prior to service beginning.   


What time should my carts be out on service day?

Place your carts out at the curb or in the alley no later than 7 a.m. Drivers will begin their collection promptly at 7 a.m.   

Place carts at least 3 feet apart and with 5 feet of space between any other objects at the curb.  


Service Maps

Monday – BLUE ROUTE: Blue Lake/Bella Vista, Lochwood Farms, Old Town/Spacious Living  

Tuesday – PURPLE ROUTE: Highplains/Berkshire, Silver Peaks east, Lochbuie Station/Lochbuie Center 

Wednesday – GREEN ROUTE: Silver Peaks, Lochwood PUD 



Holiday Delays

Republic Services will have a one-day delay of service for the following holidays IF the holiday falls on a weekday. Your service will be on a one-day delay if your service day is on or after an observed holiday.  Republic Services observes 6 holidays; Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. 


Prepare your Items Properly for Collection

Trash - BLACK LID: 

Please bag all trash to cut down on windblown debris and keeps your trash cart cleaner.   

Items beside or on top of your trash cart will not be picked up – make sure everything is inside the cart with the lid closed.   


Recyclables - LIGHT BLUE LID:  

All recyclables should be empty, clean and dry.   

Do not bag your recyclables, leave them loose in the cart.   

Recycle plastic bags at your local grocery store or re-use them in your home.   

Make sure all recyclables are inside the cart with the lid closed to limit wind-blown debris.  


Acceptable Recycling Items

These items can be mixed together in your recycling cart: 

  • Aluminum (not crushed) 
  • Aluminum foil 
  • Brown paper bags 
  • Bulk or junk mail 
  • Chipboard (cereal and tissue boxes) 
  • Corrugated cardboard (flattened) 
  • Empty aerosol cans 
  • Glass bottles and jars 
  • (no glass kitchenware) 
  • Magazines 
  • Metal jar lids (remove from jar)  
  • Mixed paper 
  • Newspaper (including inserts) 
  • Office paper (no shredded paper) 
  • Phone books 
  • Plastic tubs, jugs, bottles and containers 
  • No plastic bags in recycling or compost 
  • Steel or tin cans 

Please rinse out containers and discard lids, caps, and pumps on bottles. Please call (303) 286-1200 or visit for additional information. 

Extra Material Stickers: 

Extra material stickers can be purchased at the Town of Lochbuie for $4 per sticker. The sticker should be placed on the 32-gallon trash bag. Bags without an extra bag sticker WILL NOT be collected. 


Rate Structure

The Town of Lochbuie has contracted with Republic Services to provide an automated recycle and trash collection program which includes a standard 95-gallon carted service to all homes under the town program. This program does not cover homes located in unincorporated Adams or Weld County.  


Service Frequency Rate
95 gallon Trash Container Weekly $14.14/month + $1.25 Administrative Fee

95 gallon Recycle Container

Every other week Included
Roll-off Dumpster 2 per year $315 per haul
Bulk Item At resident's request

$25/per item. $35 each mattress/box spring

Carry Out Service Weekly/Every other recycle week $7.00/month
Trash Tags At resident's request




Additional Carts

If your waste and recycle needs exceed the carts provided, additional trash and/or recycle carts are available in the 95-gallon size. Fees are listed below.   

  • Additional Trash Cart, $4.00/month. Billed monthly directly to the resident via your Lochbuie Utility Bill.   
  • Additional Recycle Cart, $4.00/month. Billed monthly directly to the resident via your Lochbuie Utility Bill.  

Residents can call in to request additional trash and/or recycling containers after March 1, 2023, by calling (303) 286-1200. Republic Services would like to get the initial carts delivered to each resident first prior to adding additional carts.


Additional Services 

Bulk Item Pick Up:   

Lochbuie residents participating in the city collection program can contact Republic Services at (303) 286-1200 to schedule a bulk item for removal. The bulk item must be scheduled and paid for prior to collection. The bulk item will be scheduled for removal and may not necessarily be on your normal collection day. Republic's customer service representative will instruct you on what day to have your item out for collection. Fees do apply.   

Carry – Out Service:   

Republic Services will provide front door pick up for residents with the physical inability to bring out their containers. Please note: all containers must be accessible to our drivers without going behind fences, inside garages, etc. For more details, please contact Republic Services. Fees do apply.  


Household Hazardous Waste (HHW)

Household products that contain corrosive, toxic, or flammable ingredients are HHW. These products cannot be safely disposed of in your curbside cart and do require special handling. Examples of HHW include; paint, oil, cleaning solutions, batteries, fluorescent bulbs/lamps, propane tanks, pesticides, and fertilizers. Please do not put these items in your trash cart.   




Have Questions

Please Contact Your Customer Service Agent for More Information:   

Republic Services provides a dedicated Customer Resource Center available to answer general trash and recycling questions, schedule service requests, resolve service concerns and follow through with any issues that may arise. The CRC is open Monday through Friday, 7:00 am to 5:30 pm. Saturday hours are 8:00 am to 2:00 pm.   

The Lochbuie Customer Service Line can be reached at (303) 286-1200.